Friday, October 16, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Constantin Film - Pandorum

While the kids were playing in the sun I've developed another project using the PureMVC micro architecture and my favorite IoC container SpringActionscript. It's the microsite for Constantin Film's new Scifi-Horror movie Padorum. I used Papervision3D for the background animations, gallery etc. check out the fullscreen mode - looks nice!

Additionally we created a Flash module that also runs on the Pandorum Facebook page called Psychotest. While the user has to pass a shocking test including tiny games his image is captured. At the end he's able to post his more or less crazy images on his Facebook page and share thoughts about the movie.

Project, Facebook App


PureMVC, SpringActionscript, Papervision3D

Tetra Pak - Umwelt

A project i developed this summer using the micro architechture framework PureMVC and the IoC container SpringActionscript. The 3D Designer used Away3D to implement the model.
I like the concept of a realtime animated 3D avatar answering questions, his lips are synchrone to the voice of the speaker.



PureMVC, SpringActionscript, Away3D